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About Us

The world around you is changing, your furniture should too! Technology has been shaping the furniture industry as any other, to incredible lengths. At the turn of the century almost any and every piece of household furniture was bought by visiting a brick and mortar store that housed a limited variety of furniture under one roof.

The conventional days for browsing rather than searching for furniture are coming to an abrupt end. Many online stores have created enormous disruptions within the industry that was heavily reliant on interpersonal selling. What was never deemed a transactional product is slowly turning out to become one.

Interior-Lux is an online catalogue of high quality furniture brought from all over the world to furnish your projects. We help make furniture more accessible with no compromise on the most important thing of all, quality. All this in three easy steps, Browse, Select and Request your quote.

Interior-Lux specialises in project and contract furniture, if you don’t find what you are looking for – feel free to reach out to us via the contact button and we will be happy to assist further.