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by Sancal

Getting back to nature to recharge and relax is one of the most pleasurable ways to disconnect from everyday routine and stress.

Rafa García is a keen mountain biker and found inspiration for his latest piece, Alpino, when he was out and about. The designer has infused the modular sofa with the sense of well-being that he experiences when outdoors, creating a cosy refuge at home.

The soft peaks of the base and back cushions overlap, just like a mountain range. The backrest nestles your head in a comfortable position; ideal for binge-watching, reading or dozing off after a walk in the countryside.

A serene and simple design, not without constructive complexity due to its unique arm shapes and the soft yet thin backrests.

Rafa offers multiple solutions to personalise the compositions. An arm with a flap, reminiscent of a draped blanket. Four different types of pouf are available that can be integrated inside the composition as a seat without backrest, create corners, be used as a terminal element or simply as an independent ottoman. A range of modules can be slotted together including a chaise and angle element.

Sancal’s extensive textile collection provides the Alpino with another layer of personalization and its slender oak legs can be lacquered in a wealth of colours.