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by Sancal

Deep is the new modular program of Rafa García. It is a rational and classic design. The premise has been to start from the essence, to establish maximum comfort with minimum artifice. With this design, Rafa reinforces the contemporaneity of our catalog and demonstrates that simplicity is not at odds with luxury. Outwardly, Deep's structure is like a box, the backrest joins the arms highlighting angles and straight lines. In the interior instead the surface is curved to enhance comfort. The seat profile has a beveled design to make it almost disappear. The bands of the pillows insist on the most classic rationalism, and the separation between the back pillows leaves room to glimpse the already mentioned interior softness of the structure. Deep is also characterized by a great modularity capable of adapting to all spaces. The auxiliary cushions help to personalize our sofa, and adapt it to the ergonomic and aesthetic needs of each user. Thanks to the depth of the seat, we can add a wide combination of cushions and thus, combine padded cushions for the arms, with lumbar pillows and stole cushions (with Paul Smith textiles) for the head; until you get a unique Deep, made to measure. Viewed from the front, the legs are nothing more than a subtle and thin profile, but from the side, they take on importance and show their marked character. They are made of nuanced anodized aluminum and are available in carbon and gold.