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by Sancal

Ionna Vautrin was inspired by a chess set when designing these colourful stools and tables.

The Pion is a complete set of pieces. The queens and kings are represented by the dining and conference tables. Flexible enough to be used in a range of situations, from a meeting room to a restaurant or living room, they command attention wherever they are placed. Rooks, bishops and knights can all find their analogies within a legion of occasional tables. And yet, the humble pawn, the stool, should not be overlooked. Small and robust, its leather seat has been carefully tanned to match the colour of the lacquered base. Used in concert, or as separate pieces, the Pion adds a touch of brilliance to any scenario.

The finishes play with contrasts: a high gloss lacquered base can be combined with natural quartzite, Emperador Gold marble, wood or leather in a carefully curated selection of configurations.